Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of children, youth and adults
with multiple, complex and special needs.
Our vision is to alleviate direct and financial barriers to individuals
with neurological, physical and behavioural disabilities. Through the provisions of programs and services, equipment and supplies, and extracurricular educational, recreational and cultural activities, we can enhance the quality of life, access and opportunity.

Our Charitable Foundation

Blooming Acres Residential Care Homes is a registered not-for-profit charitable organization. Please support the Blooming Acres community with a donation or grant toward our programmes and services, or make a contribution to one of our special projects and funds.

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The Blooming Acres
Education and Recreation Fund

Although we receive adequate funding for our programme and services, our full-time, respite and camp guests, deserve the most enriched educational and recreation opportunities available. To offer the best possible opportunities, we require additional support for special programmes and enhanced 1:1 educational instruction and outings. These enhancements are necessary to develop skills, self esteem and quality of life.

The Blooming Acres
Equipment and Supplies Fund

The wear and tear on the equipment and supplies utilized at our programmes is tremendous. This is due to how hard our guests are on every item in our households. We are constantly replacing furniture, teaching equipment and supplies. Your support toward this fund will ensure quality programming and comfort for our guests.

The Blooming Acres
Snow Valley LodgeExpansion Campaign

In January of 2007 we began construction on our newly acquired Snow Valley Lodge. This project involved a $150,000 retrofit that expanded our capacity by 7 beds. To cover these costs we have established this fund.

The Blooming Acres
Geothermal Energy Project

This fund will help with the transformation of our Blooming Acres Farm from an oil heating system to a geothermal energy system. This transformation provides more financial stability without destroying the ecological balance of our natural resources.

All donations and grants to Blooming Acres Residential Care Homes will be reciprocated with an official charitable receipt for income tax purposes, and will be recognized on our “Wall of Support” on our website, newsletter and at our Snow Valley Lodge.

Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!